JSC PhosAgro-Cherepovets. CHPP. Main building. Feedwater deaerator. Technical re-equipment

Разработка проектно-сметной документации для нового строительства и реконструкции действующих энергетических объектов и гражданского строительства

JSC PhosAgro-Cherepovets. CHPP. Main building. Feedwater deaerator. Technical re-equipment

102,5 MW
The CHPP is designed to provide consumers of PhosAgro-Cherepovets with electric energy, steam and feed water, as well as to utilize steam from boilers of sulfuric acid production with the subsequent generation of electric energy

Site location: RF, Vologda region, Cherepovets, Phosphorus complex, CHPP
Client: PhosAgro-Cherepovets JSC
Design stages: Concept design, Detailed design


Summary of key solutions

The purpose of the modernization of the deaeration unit of the CHPP of PhosAgro-Cherepovets is to increase the reliability and ensure greater automation of the unit.

The list of the main works on is as follows:

  • modernization of the existing feed water deaeration scheme with the organization of a two-stage deaeration scheme in order to prevent oxygen "breakthrough" to the energy-technological boilers of sulfuric acid production;
  • installation of two new deaerators DA 300/100 No. 7 and DA 300/100 No. 8 with a capacity of 300 t/h each;
  • installation and piping of pumping units of feed pumps, taking into account the unification of equipment by bringing them to a single brand of pumps - PE 150-63;
  • installation of three transfer pumps from the deaerators of the first deaeration stage to the deaerators of the second deaeration stage;
  • optimization of feed water pipelines routing to ensure a relatively uniform distribution of feed water through in-plant pressure feed water headers to power boilers of CHPPs;
  • optimization of the routing of heating steam pipelines to deaerators with the installation of individual control valves for each of the deaerators;
  • installation and piping of vapor coolers on newly installed deaerators, type DA 300/100 st. No. 7, 8;
  • modernization of the demineralized water system.

The implementation of these technical measures made it possible to reduce the content of dissolved oxygen in the deaerated water at the outlet from the deaerators to less than 10 μg/kg and, accordingly, to increase the reliability of the energy technology equipment of PhosAgro-Cherepovets.

In addition, the installation and piping of vapor coolers on the newly installed deaerators of the DA 300/100 type No. 7 and No. 8 made it possible to reduce the heating steam consumption for deaeration of the incoming water flows.

As a result of these works, the following design documentation was developed and issued to the Client:

  • explanatory note to the concept design; concept design was approved by the Client and was the basis for the development of detailed design, including cost estimates;
  • package of working drawings for the transfer and installation in new places of some existing equipment of the remote control (deaerators, feed pumps);
  • package of drawings for the installation of new DA-300/100 deaerators;
  • package of drawings for dismantling of existing pumps PEN No. 1, No. 2, No. 4;
  • package of drawings for the installation of new feed pumps and modernization of existing electric feed pumps;
  • package of drawings for the installation of transfer pumps from the first stage deaerators to the second stage deaerators;
  • package of drawings for the modernization of the demineralized water system, the system of the main and production condensate and for the installation of additional shut-off and control valves on the related pipelines;
  • package of drawings for thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines;
  • package of drawings for the electrical part and the process control system;
  • package of drawings for the architectural and construction part and the other disciplines;
  • package of cost estimates.