TEP-SOYUZ is a multidisciplinary design institute, which includes the following design departments:

Project management department

Management of design process and development of all contracts (chief project engineers work in the department). Preparation of project schedules and management of their implementation, keeping up-to-date regulatory documentation.

Thermal and Mechanical Department

Development of design documentation for the thermal-mechanical part at all design stages: process diagrams of power plants and boiler houses, selection and layout of equipment, technical water supply and hydraulic structures, pipelines, steam pipelines, gas pipelines, thermal and hydraulic calculations, etc.

Development of design documentation in parts: heating, ventilation, heating and cooling of buildings and structures, external networks, water treatment facilities for household and drinking purposes, treatment and post-treatment facilities for domestic and rainwater.

Electrical Department

Development of design documentation for the electrical part at all design stages: primary electrical connection diagrams, layout of electrical equipment, power supply, high-voltage equipment, cable layout, relay protection, communications, etc.


Development of design documentation for process control systems and instrumentation (field level): functional diagrams of process control and automation, diagrams of pipe and cable connections for instrumentation, layouts of automated process control systems, etc.

Civil and Structures Department

Design of the civil and stell structures part of energy facilities, industrial and civil construction.

Architecture and Planning Department

Design of the architectural part of energy and industrial facilities, housing and civil construction. General layout and transport. Estimated documentation. Construction organization projects.

IT infrastructure department

Maintenance of the data network system, as well as information security, administration of database management systems (DBMS). Maintenance and development of computer-aided design and BIM systems.