Boiler House in Аk-Dovurak town

Разработка проектно-сметной документации для нового строительства и реконструкции действующих энергетических объектов и гражданского строительства

Boiler House in Аk-Dovurak town


The object location: Tyva Republic, Russian Federation.

The Customer: Fuels & Power Ministry of Tyva Republic.

Designing Stages:

  • Conceptual Design Documentation.
  • Detailed Design Documentation.













The Project Technical-Economic Indices

  • Installed thermal capacity, Gcal / h - 50.
  • Main equipment components: two water heating boilers КВ-Р-23,26-150 (КВ-ТС-20-150) and one water heating boiler КВ-Р-11,63-150 (КВ-ТС-10-150) of JSC «BiKZ» (Biisk town) manufacture.
  • Fuel kind:   
    - the main (design) fuel for water heating boilers – the coal of the 1
    GZHR  grade, 0-300 class of the Kaa-Khemski coal-field, Kaa-Khemski coal strip mine
    - for the reserve diesel-generator - diesel fuel.
  • Annual boiler house operation hours, h - 8424.
  • The boiler house operation indices with unsheltered heating system:   
    - Annual heat power generation, thousand Gcal - 117,853
    - Annual heat power output, thousand Gcal - 114,801
    - Annual auxiliary heat power consumption, thousand Gcal - 3,052 (2.6 %)
    - Number of hours of the installed heat power use, h- 2357
    - Annual fuel consumption:
    - Natural fuel (the coal), t - 21665,828
    - Equivalent fuel, equivalent fuel tons/Gcal - 20737,3.
  • Equivalent fuel specific consumption:   
    - for heat power generation, equivalent fuel tons/Gcal – 0.176
    - for heat power output, equivalent fuel tons/Gcal – 0.181.
  • Total staff (including operation & maintenance and repair), persons - 63.
  • Construction time period, months - 24.
  • Ground area within fence, hа - 3.3290.

Brief Description of Main Solutions

   With the aim to enhance quality and reliability of the heat supply to consumers in Аk-Dovurak town, development of fuel-power complex of Tyva Republic is provided for the construction of water-heating boiler house of the installed heat capacity 50 Gcal/h (two boilers of 20 Gcal/h heat capacity each and one 10 Gcal/h heat capacity).

The water-heating boiler house has been designed for the rated heat power output to the heating networks of Аk-Dovurak town. The rated heat output as the hot water from the boiler house at the rated ambient air temperature of minus 48 °С for the heating system designing and at the temperature chart 95/70 °С is 30.333 Gcal/h at the existing heat supply system.

The heat power, generated by the boiler house, is used for:

  • Heating systems for consumers of Аk-Dovurak town;
  • Hot water supply systems for consumers of Аk-Dovurak town;
  • The boiler house auxiliary needs heating and ventilation systems;
  • The boiler house auxiliary needs hot water supply system.

This Project has obtained Positive Opinion of the State Autonomy Management (GAU) of the State Construction Expertise Management of Tyva Republic.

The construction was started in 2015.