New construction of power generation facilities using secondary combustible gases as fuel at AZOVSTAL Steel Works

Разработка проектно-сметной документации для нового строительства и реконструкции действующих энергетических объектов и гражданского строительства

New construction of power generation facilities using secondary combustible gases as fuel at AZOVSTAL Steel Works

110 MW

Site location: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol, Leporskiy st., 1


Design stages: 

  • Technical concept
  • Feasibility study



Technical and economic indicators of the project




   Term of operation of each power unit, years


   Source of finance

own funds

   Number of employees, persons


   Total converter gas consumption, million m3/year


   Number of power units in operation


   Nominal capacity of TPP, MW


   Installed electric capacity of TPP, MW


   Power unit load, %

up to 100


A brief description of the main decisions

The feasibility study was developed for the purpose of an in-depth assessment of the project "New construction of power generating facilities using secondary combustible gases as fuel at JSC AZOVSTAL Steel Works.

Taking into account the significant share of electricity purchases on the market, as well as taking into account the availability of an excess amount of secondary combustible gases of metallurgical production (blast gas), together with the implementation of a system of dry purification of converter gas (as a separate project), after which the converter gas can be used in fuel quality, the potential of building power generation facilities is real and quite reasonable.

As part of the development of the Technical Concept, a comprehensive assessment of possible options for the configuration of the energy facility was carried out, among which the following were considered, in accordance with the task of developing a technical and economic feasibility study for the B2P55 project:

  • Option 1 – Gas turbine power plant
  • Option 2 – Power unit at supercritical steam parameters
  • Option 3 – Power unit on average steam parameters

According to the results of the Technical Concept, it was decided that the option with two power units at supercritical steam parameters is one of the most appropriate options.


Implementation of the project

The development of the technical concept and feasibility study was fully completed in 2021. Further implementation was suspended due to the invasion of Ukraine by russian troops.