Designing in «KHDDI «TEP-SOYUZ» LLC is carried out with the use of the state-of-the-art automated designing systems, enabling the designing time period to be sufficiently shortened and the works quality to be remained at high level. As the basic Automated Designing System is used the 3-D designing system PDMS (Plant Design Management System) of AVEVA company, which includes the complete set of integrated engineering applications, enabling the designers in various specialties to work in common designing space and follow the work results of each other.

The system enables the designing time periods to be shortened due to automation of the designing typical tasks and the use of the standard components data basis: piping parts, metal structures, heating and ventilation systems parts, supports and hangers. Besides, the designing time period is shortened due to automation of the detailed design documentation issue. The documentation is generated directly based on the model data in the form of drawings, piping isometric drawings and reports. In case of the change having been made in the model, all the information on the drawings is being automatically changed.

In the system is carried out the detailed checking of the model data integrity, as well as the automatic monitoring and control of interference (collision), which enhances the quality of the drawings to be issued and prevents from probable interference at the stage of construction.

Regarding the Customer’s wishes, there has been mastered and is used the alternative PDMS 3-D designing system SmartPlant Enterprise (INTERGRAPH).

Besides, while designing are being used a lot of specialized software enabling the following:

  • To optimize the heat diagrams of the power plants,
  • To choose the diameters and analyze the piping strength,
  • To calculate and choose the thermal insulation,
  • To cover all the complex of the design electric engineering tasks, to carry out the cable routing automatically,
  • To carry out the calculations of different building structures,
  • To carry out the calculations of heating, water supply and ventilation systems,
  • To carry out the economic efficiency analysis of the project as a whole etc. (altogether more than 50 software names).






















The working places of the engineers are completely equipped with computers and copy printers.


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