We draw your attention to «Kharkov Designing-Development Institute «Teploelektroproekt-Soyuz» Limited Liability Company («KHDDI «TEP-SOYUZ» LLC). Our Company was created in August, 2007. The Company includes both the specialists who have gained multi-year record of service in thermal and nuclear power industry objects designing and the talented young specialists who within the years of the Company development have obtained knowledge and experience and are actively and successfully working together with the specialists of elder generation. The «KHDDI «TEP-SOYUZ» LLC staff as of the beginning of 2016 was 270 persons. About 70% of the personnel are the specialists, who have been prior engaged in designing the thermal and nuclear power industry objects. A lot of them have made their major contribution to power industry development in the former USSR, Ukraine, Russia and many foreign countries. Among them are the specialists: Almakiev Т.А., Golyba А.N., Makarov V.V., Danilov А.А., Pomazunovsky V.F., Pakholchik О.V., Burlaka N.D., Gak L.А., Grushko I.Yu., Polynina L.F., Otdelentseva V.V., Mashkina А.V., Vladimirova L.V., Lutsenko Ye.V., Lyubeznaya G.М., Zolotaryev А.I., Dotsenko S.M., Neznamov D.V., Astashenkov А.Ye., Ivashchenko Yu.Ye.

«KHDDI «TEP-SOYUZ» LLC follows the traditions of the best designing organizations, both in terms of organization of designing process and maintaining close contacts with the Customers and the construction-erection organizations, implementing the design solutions.








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