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September, 22, 2017. On September, 22, 2017 there was commissioned the equipment within the 1st stage of construction of GTU-TETs (Gas & Turbine Plant – Heat & Power Plant) of «Mayak Energiya» LLC, Pensa, RF.

August, 24, 2017.  There have been commissioned the power generation Units Nos. 2, 5 at Zmiev TPP of PJSC «Tsentrenergo» after refurbishment of the boiler equipment and the fuel supply system with the aim to use the gas-group coals within the strategy of the Ukraine power safety and power self-sufficiency enhancement.

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The main direction of the «KHDDI «TEP-SOYUZ» LLC activities is in conformity with the experience gained and traditions followed by the specialists staff working in the Company with regard to the up-to-date requirements to be met and the approaches to be observed in the field of designing. It implies the functions of the General Contractor within the construction time-period, the General Designer within the designing-estimate documentation development time-period for both construction of the new power industry objects and reconstruction of the existing power industry objects as well as the civil engineering objects construction, the functions of the Customer-Engineer, the Consultant-Engineer and the Site Supervisor for the following objects:

  • Thermal Power Plants (TPP);
  • Nuclear Power Plants (NPP);
  • Heat & Power Plants (TETs);
  • TPP with CFB Boilers;
  • Steam and Gas Plants; (PGU);
  • Gas Turbine Plants (GTU);
  • Water Heating Boiler Plants;
  • Mini-TPP (TETs), with the use of gas-piston engines;
  • Mini-TPP (TETs) based on renewable power resources;
  • 110-1150 kV Substations;
  • Skeleton & Non Skeleton Residential Buildings;
  • Public Buildings for multi-purposes.
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